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Collected by Djian
updated 5 nov 2007

Another story by Vulgus
Vulgus Collection

My New Life as Property
By vulgus

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To that small group of disturbed people who have enjoyed my
previous efforts and encouraged me, thank you.

I had thought that things couldn't get any worse. Maybe I'm
stupid after all. The evidence all seemed to point to that
conclusion. I had lost my job and been unable to find another. I
had lost my apartment and was now living in my very unreliable
car. That means that I don't have an address and that makes the
chances of finding another job just about zero.

I was down to my last eighteen dollars. Well, I had just bought
ten dollars worth of gas, so now I was down to eight dollars. I
had no one to turn to for help. I was on the other side of the
country from anyone that I was related to or had been friends
with and might try to beg a handout from.

I had just blown my college degree by getting caught trying to
"borrow" a few hundred dollars from my last job without
permission in the hopes of getting by until my next paycheck. I
had been living too far above my means for too long and it had
seemed to catch up with me all at once.

I had gotten this job right out of college and thought that I was
going to make my mark on the world. Now, two years later, my
whole world was collapsing around me. And it seemed like I never
got a free minute to just relax and think of some way out of the
mess I had gotten myself into. Everything seemed to be happening
all at once.

My sleazy boss had offered me a way out. When he called me into
his office and showed me the evidence that I had taken three
hundred dollars I had pleaded with him for a chance to pay it
back. I swore that it had just been a loan, that I had been
desperate and I had every intention of paying it back.

That was when he offered me a way out. All I had to do was be his
little sex puppet for a couple of weeks, until I paid the company
back from my next paycheck. I had been so pissed that I had
slapped him and then I kneed him in the groin. For some reason he
didn't want me after that.

He turned purple and started to call the police. So I ran for it.
It seemed like my only option now was to change my name and move
to a foreign country. God I had screwed up big time this time!

But as I came out from paying for my gas at the convenience
store, thinking about how things couldn't get any worse, suddenly
they got worse.

I opened my car door and sat down and before I even realized what
was going on a large man slid in after me and pushed me to the
middle of the seat. I opened my mouth to scream and he placed a
knife as big as a sword under my breast and said, "Go ahead, make
a fucking noise. I dare you bitch!"

I shut my mouth and stared at him, too afraid to move or make a
sound at first. He was watching me, waiting to see what I was
going to do. He had an arrogant look on his face that was nearly
as infuriating as the huge knife that was pressed against my
breast. But I could only whisper, "Please, don't hurt me."

He grinned at me. It was a grin that said, "Aha! You blinked! I
got you now!" But I was terrified, and I wasn't going to do
anything to give him an excuse to use that knife. I was only
twenty-three. No matter how badly I had fucked up my life, I
didn't want to die.

He saw that I wasn't going to do anything stupid. Unless you
count doing whatever he said so that I might stay alive. He held
out his hand and after a moment it occurred to me what he wanted.
I reached into my purse and handed him the car keys.

I started to beg him. I told him that everything that I owned was
in this car and that he could have it all if he just let me go.

He grinned all the more and said, "I got it all anyway you stupid
cunt. Why the hell would I let you go?" Then he pointed at the
parking sticker in the corner of my windshield and asked, "This
red sticker, what is it? Where is it from?"

I told him that it was the parking sticker from the university
that I had gone to.

He asked me if I had graduated and I nodded.

My captor seemed satisfied with my answers and he reached into
his back pocket and pulled out a pair of handcuffs and put one of
the cuffs around my left wrist and the other end he attached to
the headrest behind my head. There was no way that I was going to
jump out now.

He started the car and drove off slowly, as if he hadn't a care
in the world. As he drove through town and up into the hills, I
just stared out of the window. I had started to beg him one more
time to let me go but he snarled at me to shut my mouth and I
gave up after that.

I sat there, crying in fear and crying at the mess I had made of
my life. My parents had paid a small fortune to send me to
college and now I was either going to be raped and buried in a
shallow grave in the mountains, or I was going to be raped and
returned to a life that I had turned into a total shambles. There
was no way I was going to be able to get any kind of a job now.
Not after what had happened at my last one.

As we got out of town and started up into the foothills I sat
staring out of my window. I could see his reflection in my
window. He kept glancing at me as he drove. I saw his arm
reaching out and I knew it was coming when I felt his hand close
around my left breast and squeeze it roughly.

I normally wear a bra anytime I leave the house, but not on a
trip. If I am going to be spending the day in a car I don't wear
a bra. I may not have had any idea how I was going to get home on
eighteen dollars, but I knew that I would be spending most of the
next few days in my car, if not the next few weeks.

So there was just one thin jersey t-shirt between this dirty old
man's hand and my breast. He explored it, hefted it, squeezed it,
and then he toyed with my nipple for a few minutes as he drove
down the road.

"I like a slut that doesn't wear a bra," he said.

I didn't see any point in explaining to him. If he did understand
he wouldn't care.

"Pull that t-shirt up over your tits," he ordered. "I want to see

I started to tell him to go to hell. But I noticed that he was
balling his hand up into a fist and I knew that if I didn't do as
he ordered I would get hurt, and then I would obey. So I reached
down with my free hand and lifted my t-shirt up over my breasts.

He didn't touch them at first. But he spent so much time looking
at them that I thought he was going to run off the road. Finally,
though, he turned his gaze back to the narrow road and his hand
came back up to explore my breast again.

It really pissed me off that my nipple kept getting hard when he
touched it. I knew that it was just a physiological reaction. Not
an indication that being groped by this ugly old man was turning
me on. I was pretty sure that he would misinterpret it though.

I guess he wasn't that old. He looked like he worked outside a
lot. His skin was tough looking. But he was strong and appeared
to be in good shape. He had short, black, wiry hair and he hadn't
shaved in a couple of days. It was hard to judge, but I would
guess that he was in his late thirties.

I would guess that he was a carpenter, or a farmer, or something,
someone who worked outside and worked hard. His hands were very

He hadn't spoken enough that I could estimate how intelligent he
was. But it had been obvious that he was not very well educated.
I would guess that he had not been to high school, probably not
all the way through elementary school.

But he was in charge of me and he was obviously capable of
violence. He seemed to have a low opinion of women. At least he
was treating me as if I were prey, a plaything, put on earth for
his pleasure.

As he guided my car along the narrow country roads, driving
higher and higher into the mountains, I was getting more and more
scared. It just seemed like the farther that we got from town,
from what I knew as civilization, the lower the chances were of
me getting out of this alive.

Just before dark, he turned off onto a series of dirt roads that
seemed little traveled and led way up into the mountains. We
drove miles without seeing more than an old barn off in a field
beside the road. We didn't pass a single car going the other way
during this entire part of the drive.

The last dirt track we turned onto wasn't much more than a
logging trail. It was deeply rutted and obviously did not receive
much traffic. It was only just wide enough to accommodate my car
and there was a thick canopy of branches over us the entire time.

It was about three hours from the main road to where we were now.
I realized that even if I could escape from this man, I could
never make my way back to the main road. I was totally lost. I
would end up wandering through the woods and getting eaten by a
bear or something. I wasn't getting back out of here unless he
took me out.

We finally drove out into a meadow and I saw two houses and a
barn and a lot of pens and corrals and several smaller
outbuildings. The houses were lit up and I saw people moving

I didn't know what to think now. I expected that it would be just
me and my abductor in the woods, maybe at a shanty off in the
forest somewhere. I certainly didn't expect this.

My surprise increased when he drove up in front of the nearest
house and a woman and it looked like a half a dozen kids came
rushing out. They gave me a cursory glance but for the most part
ignored me and greeted my captor warmly.

At first anyway, but soon the kids, especially the teenage boys
were gawking at me, with my shirt still pulled up over my
breasts. I was too afraid to pull it down without permission.

They were asking him who I was and where he got me and I even
heard the older boys asking if they could fuck me! It was as if
daddy had brought home a puppy and they were all excited and
asking if they could play with it!

I looked at the woman, obviously his wife. She was just a female
version of him. She was in her late thirties, skin that had dried
and toughened from years of working in the sun, slender, lanky
even, and she looked very tired.

The kids, there were only five, not six, were three boys and two
girls and they ranged from about sixteen down to the youngest
girl who looked to be about nine or ten. The two oldest boys had
opened my door and were checking me out closely. The oldest even
reached in and grabbed my breast with all of the finesse that his
father had shown.

The oldest girl, I guessed that she was the second oldest, came
closer and looked in and said, "Damn, she is pretty, nice tits

The father tossed the keys to my handcuffs to his eldest son and
told him to bring me inside. Then he and his wife went into the

I was not immediately released though. First the kids, even the
oldest girl, examined my breasts thoroughly. After each had
gotten a turn, the boy leaned into the car and unfastened the
cuff that was attached to my headrest. It felt great to finally
be able to lower my arm.

I was pulled from the car and I didn't resist when my hands were
cuffed behind my back. The boy was only sixteen, but he was large
and strong. And anyway, I had already resolved to go along with
whatever horrible things these hillbillies would require of me.
Resistance was futile.

Once he had me cuffed the oldest boy and the oldest girl looked
me over more closely. The boy put his hands down into my loose
shorts and grabbed a handful of my ass and chuckled before
telling his sister that my ass was even nicer than hers.

I could only stand there, thoroughly humiliated, while five
children examined me like a new pet. I wondered now if that was
what I was.

At last the oldest girl said, "We better get her inside before pa
comes back out here."

The boy grinned and pinched my nipple and pulled me along by that
sensitive body part, up the steps, across the porch and through
the open door into the house. As we stepped inside I was somehow
not in the least surprised to see that the lighting was all from
lanterns and candles. They had no electricity and I had seen an
outhouse as well. I had stepped back into the past.

The man who had abducted me was sitting at a table in the kitchen
and his wife was making him something to eat. They looked up and
saw me being led along by my nipple and then went back to their
conversation. I followed along until I was brought to a stop
beside my abductor in the kitchen. I noticed that the kitchen was
not totally without modern amenities. There was a pump over the
kitchen sink.

The woman came over and looked me over more closely now. I stood
with my head down as she walked around me. She finished up back
in front of me and hefted one of my breasts and said to her
husband, "You really haven't fucked her yet? I'm surprised you
could wait. She's a hot little piece of ass."

Then she turned to the oldest boy and said, "Jed, get these
clothes off of her. She won't need those anymore."

The oldest girl said, "Don't tear them up Jed, I want them."

The boy took my cuffs off, but as he removed them he said, "You
can go ahead and make a run for it tonight if you want. But I
should warn you that the dogs would probably tear you to bits
before you got ten feet."

Then he lifted my top off and tossed it to his sister. He
squatted down then and slid my shorts off and I stepped out of
them. He handed my shorts to his sister and the two of them
commented on how pretty my panties were before he slid them down
and his sister grabbed them out of his hand as he sniffed the

There were several comments about my closely trimmed line of
pubic hair. That was all there was, extending in a thin line up
from my vagina for about one and a half inches. They were
apparently not familiar with the concept of trimming pubic hair
to accommodate a tiny bikini.

The woman prepared a plate for her husband and he ate while the
kids continued to explore my body. Even the youngest girl took
part in my degradation. Fingers pulled the cheeks of my butt
apart and pushed at my anal orifice while in the front my vagina
was spread open and fingers forced themselves into my dry

As horrible as my treatment at the hands of those five children
was, I was more preoccupied with the smells coming from my
abductors dinner plate. I suddenly realized that I had eaten
nothing today. I was saving what little money I had for gas.

The man ate his dinner quickly and loudly, I listened with
disgust to every chew. But as horrible as his table manners were,
it was still the smell of the food that occupied my attention.

The man finished gulping down his food and glanced up at me. Then
he put his plate down on the floor and told me that if I wanted
anything to eat I had five minutes to finish up his plate.

I glanced down and saw some few scraps of meat on the pork chop
bones and a few forkfuls of potatoes. I looked around at the
family, all of them watching, anxious to see me humiliate myself
this way. But I was too hungry to let pride get in my way.

I dropped to my knees and picked up the bones and eagerly gnawed
at the scraps of meat that remained on them. Then I used my
fingers to scoop up the potatoes that remained. The entire time I
ate there were hands exploring my rear and reaching between my
thighs to play with my vagina.

As I was finishing up my few scraps of food I heard the oldest
boy ask, "Pa, when can I fuck her?"

"Be patient boy, I'm going to try her out first," his father

I had finished sucking all of the juices I could from the pork
chop bones and licking the plate to get the last bits of
potatoes. Now I was listening as these people planned the order
in which they would rape me, and I was aghast. But my stomach had
only been teased by the few bites of food I had scrounged from my
abductor's plate. I was still more concerned with my empty
stomach than my impending rape. I had already resigned myself to
the idea that I was going to be raped, though the circumstances
were becoming more bizarre by the moment.

"Pa" stood up and went into the next room. I was pushed along
after him. I looked around and saw that it was a multi-purpose
room. It was a sleeping area for the children at night, and
during the day I assumed it would be used as a living room.

As I walked into the room Pa was undressing, right there in front
of everyone! When he was naked he turned around to face me and I
saw the amazing piece of meat hanging between his skinny legs. I
was nowhere near being a virgin. I had lost my virginity in my
junior year of high school and I had been with nine men and boys
since then. I had been talked into two one night stands in that
time, the others had all been men with whom I had been having a
relationship. I don't think that sex with nine men in eight years
is being too promiscuous. Well, maybe a little.

None of the men I had been intimate with were built anything like
this mountain man standing before me now. His dick was fat and
long and still soft. It looked like it was at least eight inches
long already, and suddenly I was terrified all over again.

He looked at me for a moment and then he sat down on one of the
beds that were scattered around the living room. He pointed to
the floor between his legs and someone shoved me from behind. I
fell forward and dropped to my knees at his feet.

When I was within reach he grabbed a handful of my hair and
lifted my face up and said, "Listen up, cunt. You don't want to
fuck this up. I want you to start by licking my balls real good.
Then you can take my cock in your hands and lick it all over.
When I tell you to you take it in your mouth and suck. I better
not feel a tooth or I will pull them right out of your skull in
the morning. Being a city woman, I don't suppose you are worth a
shit at sucking cock, but you will learn. Now get busy, and take
your time. Your goal in life right now is to please me."

He laid back on the bed he was sitting on and with his entire
family watching I began to try to carryout his instructions. I
had, of course, sucked men off before. Right up to the point of
ejaculation, then I pulled my mouth away and finished with my
hand. But I had never had to deal with an organ anywhere near the
size of this one, and I had never had an audience before, and the
thing that scared me most, I had never had a man ejaculate in my
mouth before.

I was staring at his crotch, still in awe of that huge penis,
when I was nudged from behind and I leaned forward and buried my
face between his legs. I suppose he had bathed recently, but it
had been a long, hot day and the smell of his body odor took my
breath away at first. I forced myself to breathe through my mouth
while I licked at his large, hairy balls. I licked them all over,
covering them in my saliva, and I even took his balls into my
mouth one at a time and massaged them gently with my tongue.

Then I moved higher and took his big dick in my fingers and held
it gingerly while I licked it from the base, working my way up to
the head. It had grown measurably while I was licking his balls
and was now at least an inch longer and becoming very stiff.

I licked the shaft all around and eventually I reached the tip
and began licking the slick lubrication that had begun to flow
from his large cock. As I worked my tongue around his cock I was
terrified. I couldn't imagine that I could put enough of this
huge thing into my mouth to satisfy him. But more than that, I
didn't think it possible that I could take it into my mouth
without scraping my teeth on it. My fingers were wrapped around
it, and they came nowhere near reaching all of the way around it.
And I had no doubt that this Neanderthal would keep his word to
pull my teeth out if they came into contact with his cock.

I was about to find out. He said, "Okay cunt, that's enough
foreplay. Start sucking, and don't forget what I told you. You'd
best not spill any of it when I cum either. You piss me off I'll
have you out there practicing on the damned dogs until you get it

I placed my lips around the large head of his cock and slowly,
carefully began to push my lips down his shaft until I started to
gag. I probably only had the head of his cock and at the very
most two inches of the shaft in my mouth.

When I paused and gagged the man's wife and kids who were
gathered around watching closely all laughed at me. They knew
that I was going to fail. Surely no human female could satisfy
this massive organ with their mouth!

I pulled back and carefully worked my way back down again, taking
fractionally more of his shaft into my mouth. I had all of those
horrible threats hanging over my head and I was terrified, but
surely he couldn't expect more of me than I was doing.

He sat up and looked at me, a look of pure disgust on his face.
He drew his hand back as if to slap me and I rose up off of him
and backed away quickly. There were tears in my eyes and I was
terrified. I was terrified of having my teeth pulled out and
terrified of being forced to suck off a dog and terrified that I
was going to die and just as terrified that I was going to have
to live like this for the rest of my life.

"Fucking city women!" he exclaimed. Then he turned to his oldest
daughter and said, "Becky, show this stupid cunt how to suck a

The young girl stepped forward, looking at me with the same look
that was on her father's face, and bent down over his cock and
held it straight up and effortlessly slid her lips all the way
down to the base of his fat cock.

I stared in amazement. I had never seen anything like that in my
entire life. That small girl took at least nine inches of hard
fat cock down her throat with less effort that I expended to
swallow a mouthful of water!

She held that huge thing in her throat for a long moment and
looked over at me. Then she pulled up and did it again. After her
brief demonstration she backed out of the way and the whole
family was watching me, waiting for me to do it.

I looked at her, I looked at that giant cock, finally I looked at
his face and I said, "But that isn't possible! I can't do that!"

I was about to learn how wrong I was.

The man stood up and picked me up by my hair and tossed me onto
the bed. Then he turned me over and ordered his kids to hold me
down. Instantly the four oldest grabbed my arms and legs. The
youngest girl sat on my stomach and I was stretched across the
bed sideways with my head hanging down over the side, helpless.

He dropped to his knees by my head and repeated his warnings. I
had no doubt that he meant every one of them.

He placed the head of his cock against my lips and I opened my
mouth as wide as I could. He leaned over me and began sliding his
cock into my mouth, slowly and gently at first. But that didn't
last long. He quickly reached that place in the back of my throat
that started me gagging again, but he totally ignored my
reaction. I was crying loudly and gasping for breath and to make
things worse, someone was pinching my nipples and pulling on them
as though they wanted to tear them off. I screamed in pain and
suddenly he thrust his cock right down into my throat.

I fought to get away, but the kids were holding me tight. The
pain was horrible, but even through the pain all that I could
think about was, "watch your teeth!"

He held his cock buried in my throat until I quit thrashing
around and then he pulled it out slowly. When it had cleared my
throat I gasped for breath and in a calm, reasonable voice he
said, "Once you start doing this on your own you can control your
breathing better, just a little extra incentive."

As he spoke he began driving his cock down into my throat again.
I still fought, I couldn't control myself. It hurt too damn much.
But I made sure that my teeth never touched him. It went on and
on and soon he was going faster and I realized that I had stopped
gagging and I concentrated on breathing between strokes. It was
still torture, but I stopped thrashing around and concentrated on
struggling to breathe and I could tell he was going to cum soon.

He called is daughter over and she let go of my arm and stood
beside him and suddenly he stopped with only the tip of his cock
in my mouth and his daughter finished him with her small hand,
beating him off furiously and filling my mouth with an
unbelievable amount of cum.

I started to gag again, but I remembered his threat. I had no
doubt that if I didn't swallow every drop he would make me
practice on the dog. I forced myself to calm down and swallow an
incredible volume of bitter cum.

After I swallowed it all he stood there with the head of his cock
still in my mouth and as his cock went soft more cum drained out
of the large hole in the end. He finally pulled out and said,
"I'll cut you some slack because you're a stupid city cunt and
don't know what the fuck you're doing. But you better figure out
how to do that on your own, because I ain't going to keep doing
all your work for you."

He ordered his kids to release me and I lay across the bed
panting and sobbing. He turned to his son and said, "Jed, go
ahead and lie down and let's see if she learned anything."

I was pushed off of the bed and Jed sat down and laid back and I
crawled between his legs and looked at what I had to deal with.
Although he was only sixteen, his young cock was already seven
inches long and before long it was going to be just as fat as his
father's was.

I leaned down and began licking his balls, just like I had been
instructed to do for is father. I licked them all over and sucked
on his balls and then I took his hard cock in my hand and licked
it all over. When I thought I had licked it enough to satisfy him
I began to sink my lips down over his throbbing shaft and after
what I had been through with his father it seemed much easier
this time. Not easy, but easier. I struggled to keep from gagging
and after several tries I managed to take him into my already raw

I heard a murmur from the rest of the family, but I was in so
much distress that I didn't really pay them any attention. I
couldn't concentrate on anything but the cock in my throat. I
managed to get into a rhythm and before very long I could tell
that he was getting close. I was so grateful when he started to
cum and he grabbed my head and held it tight to his stomach. I
was grateful because it was over for now, but more than that
because his cum shot right down my throat and I didn't taste a
thing. I was also grateful that his cock was smaller and I could
breathe with it in my throat.

I held his cock in my mouth until it became soft and he pushed me
away and stood up. But I didn't get any rest. There were two more
boys and they were waiting their turn. The next oldest boy, I
guess he was about fourteen, started to take his brother's place
on the bed in front of me when their father stood up and said,
"Boys, your pa had a long hard day. I'm tired and want to go to
bed now. You kids can play with the new bitch all night. Let me
try out that fresh cunt and then you can do whatever you want
with her."

I was once more pulled to my feet by the hair on my head and
tossed roughly onto the bed. My abductor leaned down and roughly
jammed two fingers into my pussy and then he pulled them out and
looked at them. He shook his head and said, "Dry as a fucking
bone. One of you kids crawl up there between her legs and get her

The fourteen year old that had just been deprived of a blowjob
was closest and he dove between my legs before I even realized
what was happening. He easily muscled my legs apart and after
staring down at me for a minute he dropped down and gave me the
most violent oral sex I had ever had. He was very rough. He bit
me and licked at my pussy and shoved his tongue into me. I
normally love to have a man's mouth working at my pussy, but this
was very unpleasant.

But he wasn't there for long. In less than a minute his father
pulled him away and crawled on top of me. He supported himself on
his arms and looked down at me and said, "Alright cunt, grab my
cock and put it where it goes. You can't suck a cock worth a
shit. Let's see if you can fuck worth a damn."

I reached between us and grasped his long, hard cock. It was
lying on my stomach and throbbing and I was sure that it would
never fit in me. It was twice as large as any other cock that I
had ever experienced. I knew that I was too tense and that was
only going to make it worse. But I couldn't help it. I was scared
and I had every right to be.

I lined the head of his cock up with my vagina and rubbed it
around a little to get the head wet with his son's saliva. Then I
struggled to line it up and get it started. He was holding back
and I wanted to get the head in before he started. Finally, with
great difficulty, I wedged it into my opening and it slipped in
about an inch.

As soon as he felt that his cock was lodged inside of me he began
to slowly apply pressure. I had never had anything anywhere near
that large inside of me before and the difference was noticeable.
It was, in fact, very uncomfortable. It didn't actually hurt.
There was just a sensation of pressure. The walls of my vagina
were expanding like never before. It seemed to be making it hard
to breathe.

He pushed steadily into me. I had begun to lubricate, finally,
and he was moving in without a lot of resistance. I was lying
there with my eyes closed and panting like I was about to have a

I heard someone chuckle and I opened my eyes. Becky was right
there, her face inches from mine. She grinned and said, "Christ
girl, you are such a baby. If you just relax your fucking cunt
muscles it'll feel pretty damned good."

I already knew that, I just couldn't convince my body of it. Then
I wondered if this hillbilly asshole has all of these females out
here that he is having sex with, what the hell did he need me

I felt his stomach finally come in to contact with mine, and his
large, heavy ball sack dangling down and swinging roughly against
my thighs as he finally reached bottom and came to a brief stop.

He spoke to his wife and kids then. He said, "Damn, this cunt is
almost as tight as Becky's was the first time I fucked her. This
is some damned fine pussy. You boys are going to love this."

Then he started fucking me violently. It hurt at first, it hurt a
lot. I was grunting and groaning and moaning with every stroke.
But after a while it started to get to me. I didn't want it to. I
fought it. But that huge cock was doing things and touching
places that had never been touched before and I couldn't help it.
I stayed still as long as I could. Every time I opened my eyes I
saw Becky's face only inches from my own and staring. I suddenly
realized what she was doing. She knew that I was going to get
aroused. She was watching for signs of it.

And she saw those signs. She grinned and announced to everyone
that I was starting to get turned on. It seemed to really amuse
her. The little bitch!

Soon I was moaning even louder and I found myself powerless to
restrain myself as my hips began to thrust up to meet his
powerful strokes. I felt it coming and there was nothing I could
do about it.

Just before I went over the edge I felt Becky slip her hand
between her father and me and slide it down and start playing
with my clit. That was the last straw. I started cumming harder
than I can ever remember cumming before.

The old man yelled about how tight my pussy was and how it was
grabbing his cock and then he tensed up and I felt it throbbing
inside of me and I knew that he was flooding my pussy with cum.

He finally stopped and I was ashamed when I realized that my arms
and legs were wrapped around his body and I was holding him
tightly and still thrusting my hips up to meet his now still

I groaned again, in embarrassment this time, and I relaxed and
released him. I was too ashamed to look at anyone. I lay there
with my eyes closed and waited for him to get off.

He finally pulled out of me and stood up. I felt his hands in my
hair and I looked up and he said, "When a man fucks you, you have
two jobs. Your first job is to make it good for him. Your second
job is to clean him up afterwards. Now open your fucking mouth,

I don't think I even knew what was going to happen. Suddenly he
leaned forward at the hips and I found myself sucking on his
soft, slimy cock before I even realized what he meant by clean
him up.

I started to get sick. But one look at his face was all it took
to get me to bring my stomach under control. It was still a
struggle to put his cock in my mouth. Even soft it was long and
fat. He watched me struggle with it for a few minutes. Then he
backed away and said, "Okay, you kids can play with her for a
while. But let her get a little sleep tonight. She had a long
day, and she is going to have another one tomorrow."

He turned around and put his arm around his wife and they went
off to bed. As soon as they were gone was I turned over and
pulled up on my hands and knees. The fourteen year old, Jeremy,
sat down at my head and pulled my face closer and I opened my
mouth automatically and started sucking. His cock was much
smaller, more like the cocks that I was used to. It was probably
around six inches long and of a normal diameter. It was soon
going in and out of my throat effortlessly.

While I was working on the young boys cock I felt the movement
behind me and the sixteen year old was climbing up behind me. He
spread my ass and looked down and said, "Fuck, pa really messed
this bitch up. Becky, get your ass down here and clean this
fucking mess up."

I felt the bed move and Becky slid under me without protest and I
felt her tongue begin to lick all around my crotch. I was shocked
that she would willingly submit to that. But I soon realized that
she was more than willing, it was obvious that she was, in fact,
eager. She ate me better than any man that I had ever dated. And
it was quickly having an effect.

I was groaning around the cock in my mouth and the sound I made
when Jed pulled her away was disappointment. It had felt nice,
not to mention soothing on my still sore pussy.

She moved back down beside me and began to play with my breasts
while Jed moved back and began to slide his hard cock into me. It
went in easily, of course. I had just been warmed up by that pony
sized cock that his father walked around with.

From the time that I had been taken from the gas station I had
feared the rape that I knew was coming. I never in my wildest
imaginings considered the possibility of being raped by an entire
family. The situation I now found myself in was so far outside of
anything I could ever have imagined that I didn't even know how
to react to it. As I sucked one teenage cock and was taken from
behind by another, and a teenage girl toyed with my breasts, I
found myself becoming aroused again.

It was like my mind had shut down and my body was reacting to
whatever stimuli it received, automatically. All of my normal
barriers had suddenly ceased to exist. I was naked in the home of
this hillbilly family and obeying every order now without first
filtering it through my own inhibitions, my own moral standards,
or my own sexual desires. The things that I felt, the things that
I knew to be true in my world no longer applied.

I was just a toy now, a fuck toy for this family that had stepped
out of the pages of "Deliverance."

My torment lasted for several hours. I was used by all three
boys several times. Even the youngest, Caleb, who I learned was
thirteen. I was also forced to have sex with Becky, my first
bisexual experience. They even made me lick the youngest girl's
pussy. Sarah was only eleven, but already sexually active. I
guess this strange family had found something to do to make up
for not having a television.

Every time one of the boys fucked me I had to suck his cock clean
afterwards. And after every fuck one of the girls, usually Becky,
but a couple of times it was Sarah, was made to clean me with
their tongue.

There was an obvious hierarchy here. I had seen signs of it with
the mother too. Apparently every male had dominance over every
female, their rank determined by their age. Then the females were
ranked, also by age. Except for me of course, I was at the bottom
of the pecking order, I was property. The youngest son, the
thirteen year old, was able to give orders to the fifteen year
old daughter, and even the mother, or at least that had been my

When the boys were finally satisfied, the two girls went to one
of the beds and lay down, the two youngest boys went to another,
and the oldest started to get into bed with me. I was a mess and
I begged to be allowed to go to the bathroom. I hadn't used the
bathroom since stopping for gas early yesterday afternoon. I
didn't know what time it was now, but I knew that it was early in
the morning. I was exhausted, but I had to pee so badly. I didn't
dare try to sleep like this.

In response to my request Jed said, "You hear that, the new cunt
wants to use the bathroom!" There was derisive laughter from all
the kids and I found myself being pulled to my feet and a chamber
pot pulled over and set at me feet.

I had never seen one before, but I knew what it was. The same was
true of an outhouse of course, but I preferred to urinate in
private, so I asked if someone would escort me outside to the

Jed said, "You can use the pot or not, it's up to you. But make
up your fucking mind and get in bed. You have worn us all out,
and you are going to have a busy day tomorrow."

I knew that I couldn't wait much longer, so with all of them
watching I squatted down over the pot and struggled to pee into
it. As badly as I had to go, I had a hard time getting started
with all of these eyes watching me in amusement. But once the
stream started it poured out of me loudly, adding to my
embarrassment, and the amusement of the kids. It went on and on
and finally tapered off and after a last few spurts it was over.
I realized that I had nothing to wipe with and I asked for some
toilet paper.

Jeremy came closer and wiped my moist pussy with his fingers and
then shoved his fingers into my mouth. I gagged, even though I
didn't taste anything but the dirt on his fingers. The idea of
what he was forcing me to do was just so disgusting.

They all laughed at me again, it seemed that nearly everything
that I did either amused or aroused them.

Then I was told to put the pot under the foot of the bed and lay
down. I did as I was told, lying as close to the edge of Jed's
bed as possible. But he pulled me close and draped his arm and
his leg over me and with his hand on my breast he fell asleep
almost instantly.

Eventually I was the only one left awake in the room. I lay there
pondering what was left of my life and wondering if this was rock
bottom. I was starting to wonder if I wouldn't be better off dead
after all. When I had first been abducted I had thought that I
would do anything to survive. Now I wasn't sure it would be worth
it if this was going to be the rest of my life.

I woke up to find all of the kids getting up and putting their
clothes on. Their father was staring down at me and shaking his
head. It was obvious that he had a very low opinion of me.

"Get your fucking ass out of bed," he said. "This ain't the god
damned Ritz. We ain't got room service here. Hell, you are room
service here!"

Everyone but me thought that was funny.

I got up and started to look around for my clothes, but then I
remembered that they had been given to Becky. The boys all headed
outside to do their chores. I looked out and saw that it was
still dark. I had no idea what time it was. I was put to work
immediately. I had to help Becky empty the chamber pots and clean
them out.

I had forgotten all about the dogs and as soon as we stepped
outside I had two large, vicious dogs on either side of me,
growling and looking like they had every intention of tearing me
limb from limb. Becky yelled at them and they backed off a
little, but they followed closely, sniffing at me and growling
the entire time that I was outside. I dumped the pot that I was
carrying in the outhouse and then washed it out under an outside
pump. I used a strong soap that was sitting on a nearby board and
washed my hands afterwards. While Becky was rinsing out the pot
she was carrying I was allowed to use the outhouse.

I don't know if you have ever been in an actual outhouse. If you
haven't I have to tell you, nothing you have heard about them can
prepare you for the smell. I tried to hold my breath long enough
to finish my business, but I am not that good an athlete. And it
isn't just the smell. There were flies everywhere. I was so
disgusted that by the time I came out I was crying. I was crying
so hard that I could hardly see and bumped right into one of the
dogs. He was waiting for me right outside the door.

The dog growled and snapped at me, just missing tearing a chunk
out of my thigh. I froze and waited for Becky to yell at him, but
she was standing there, twenty feet away and grinning as she
watched the dog sniff at me and I stood there shivering in

She walked closer and I whispered, "Please, call him off."

She chuckled and said, "He smells your fear. And he smells your
pussy. Look at him sniffing around your cunt. He'd like to fuck
you. He knows that he could fuck you if I wasn't here. He could
knock you to the ground and mount you just like a bitch dog in
heat. He's got a big cock too. Not as big as pa, but pretty
damned big. I bet you never fucked a dog, have you?"

"Oh god no," I whispered. "Please, call him off."

The dog was sniffing at my pussy and I tried to push his nose
away. He snapped at me and I pulled my hand back, but when I
tried to back up he bared his teeth and growled loudly and I
froze again.

Just then there was a yell from the barn. "Becky! You don't have
time for that shit right now. Get on with your chores before I
take a chunk of firewood to your fucking ass!"

"Yes pa!" she yelled back. Then she gave me a dirty look like it
was my fault she got yelled at.

She kicked at the dog and he moved away about ten feet and sat
there growling at me as I followed Becky to the woodpile. She
loaded my arms up with firewood and I tried to hold the rough
wood away from my bare breasts as I struggled to carry it to the

Once inside I dropped the wood in the wood box in the kitchen and
they kept me busy after that, fetching and stirring and setting
the table. I almost forgot that I was naked, almost, but not

Pa and the boys came in just as I was helping put the breakfast
on the table. There was a dish heaped high with scrambled eggs
and another with a mountain of bacon and sausage and a pile of
hot, buttered toast. There was hot coffee and milk for the
younger kids. The smells were making my mouth water, but I had
only been given enough plates for the seven of them.

I stood to the side and watched with my mouth watering and my
stomach growling as the family pigged out on that wonderful
breakfast. They totally ignored me as I stood out of the way
against one wall. They talked about chores and what I assumed was
typical farm talk, they joked with each other and teased each
other, just like normal people!

I was crying by the time they finished their meal. I didn't care
about being naked or being raped, I just wanted some of that
food. I watched them as they passed the plates around until it
was all gone and I couldn't stop the tears from dripping down my

When they had all eaten their fill the boys got up from the table
and went back outside. Pa instructed Becky to scrape the
leftovers into one of the dirty plates and when she had done that
he took it from her and placed it on the floor beside his chair.
Then he snapped his fingers and said, "Here cunt, here's your

I looked at the pieces of half eaten sausage and bacon and the
scraps of scrambled eggs that had been scraped from their plates
and I realized that pride was not even a consideration. I fell to
my knees and started to scoop up what little food was left but he
stopped me.

"I didn't say that you could use your hands, cunt. Get down there
and eat like the bitch you are," he ordered.

I cried a little harder, but I didn't hesitate. I put my head
down in the plate and started eating every scrap of left over
food. As I gobbled it up Becky said, "Boy, the dogs are going to
be pissed at her!"

I heard the boys coming back into the house as I was eating. I
glanced up and saw them coming into the house with my belongings.
They set everything out in the living room and then came in to
watch me eat.

As I bent down to eat my breakfast, I felt the old man's hand on
my ass, caressing the cheek and slipping down between my thighs
and rubbing my pussy. But I ignored that. I was starved and all I
could think about was the food in front of me.

I finished it up and even licked the plate clean. Then I was
ordered to stand and Becky showed me how to wash dishes, using
hot water from the wood stove. After she got me started the whole
family sat around the table and watched me work, commenting from
time to time about some part of my body or how much fun they had
had fucking me last night or how much practice I was going to
need before I became a decent cocksucker.

Becky volunteered that I had taken right to eating pussy. I had
even been able to please young Sarah.

After I had finished the dishes we all moved into the living room
and they went through my possessions. Everything I owned had been
in my car and they examined every item. My clothes were split up
between Becky and her mother, though most of them went to Becky.
Her mother disapproved of most of my things.

The mother took most of my jewelry, though I didn't have much of
value so it was not big loss. They ignored my pierced ear rings,
since they didn't have pierced ears.

They got a big kick out of my vibrator and made me demonstrate
it. It was humiliating, having to put on a show like that, all
the more so because I couldn't help having an orgasm with that
thing buzzing away over my clit. The other two girls had to try
it out and when she saw how much they enjoyed it, even their
mother tried it out. She decided to keep that for herself.

My books were stacked on the kitchen table and pa went through
them, slowly, moving his lips as he struggled to read the titles.
Finally he turned to me and said, "You are here for several
reasons. The first reason is that when I saw you down in the city
I decided that I wanted to fuck you, and I knew my boys would get
a kick out of you. And I suppose Becky could use a little more
sleep at night." The boys all laughed when he said that.

"The second reason is to do chores. You are going to be taught
how to do most everything my wife and my daughters do and you
will be doing those things from now on."

"But the main reason that you are here is to teach my kids and
the McKay kids across the way how to read and write and figure. I
ain't going to have them grow up like me. So from now on, you do
what every one of us tells you to do, that includes all of the
fucking and the sucking. There will probably be a lot of that
until the kids get used to having a fresh cunt in the house."

"You do your chores the way you're taught, and you pay attention
when my wife is cooking, because as soon as you can you are going
to be doing that too. When all of the chores are done, you will
be at that table teaching all eight kids how to read. And I had
best be satisfied with your progress. My kids ain't stupid, and
they ain't lazy. And they shouldn't have any trouble picking up
on it."

I realized that this was a life sentence. For the rest of my life
they expected me to be their household slave, sex slave, and
schoolmarm. I was never going to be allowed to leave here!

I was too dumbfounded to speak. It never even occurred to me to
beg for my freedom at first. Not until the conversation had moved
on and he was admonishing all five of his kids that he would
expect them to listen to me when I was teaching them and not let
the sex interfere with their learning.

Jed stood up and, after promising to study hard, asked if he
could fuck me while they were waiting for the McKays to come

Pa looked at me and said, "Do you have any questions?"

I thought for a moment and asked, "Am I never going to be allowed
to leave here?"

He grinned and said, "No, probably not. Now get over there and
tend to Jed."

I had tears running down my cheeks again as I walked over to the
sofa that had been our bed last night. Jed stood up and pulled
his pants off and ignored the fact that his entire family was
watching as he pushed me down onto the sofa and knelt between my
legs. He grabbed my legs and pulled my ass to the edge of the
seat and knelt down and forced his cock into my dry slit.

He began to fuck me roughly and as he did his younger brother
Jeremy came over and stood at my head and forced his cock into my
mouth. I sat there in despair as I realized that this was my life
from now on.

It took a long time for my pussy to start to lubricate and it was
a long, painful fuck. Jed had fucked me, or forced me to suck his
cock four times last night, and he lasted a very long time as he
raped me this morning.

Jeremy came first and after I swallowed his cum he stepped aside,
as the youngest boy, Caleb moved over to take his place, and I
noticed the look of pride and amusement on the faces of their

Jed and Caleb were still plowing their dicks into me five
minutes later when I heard a noise and realized that we had
company. But the boys didn't even look up. I listened as the
boy's parents called a greeting out to the McKays and invited
them in. I heard footsteps and assorted gross comments as Jed
finally sped up and shot his cum into my pussy. Then he waited
for Caleb to cum in my mouth so that he could pull out and get
cleaned up.

Caleb took a while. I guess he was distracted by all of the
company. But finally he shot a small load of cum into my mouth
and moved back. Jed stood up then and made me suck him clean.
Then he stepped away and the McKay family gathered around to
check me out. It was humiliating all over again, being examined
like some kind of property.

As they looked at me I saw that the elder McKays, the parents,
were about the same age as the adults in this house. I didn't
know either of their names yet. They had two sons and a daughter,
and all five of them were gathered around checking me out.

Mr. McKay turned to Jed and asked, "Is she a good fuck Jed?"

Jed grinned and said, "Shit yeah! We fucked her most of the
night, and her cunt is still as tight as Becky's!"

Mr. McKay turned to my captor and asked, "John, do you mind if I
knock off a little bit of that shit? She does look like a good

John! My abductor's name is John. At least now I have something
besides pa to call him. Not that I would dare to use his name to
his face. I have a feeling I would regret that.

John said, "Any time, Daryl. That's about all she's good for. The
stupid cunt can't suck cock worth a shit. Not yet anyway. We're
working on it though."

Everyone was watching in amusement as Daryl ordered me to my
knees in front of him and as I moved into position he slid the
straps of his overalls down and let them slide down to his knees.
The only other thing that he was wearing was a holey t-shirt.

He didn't say anything else, but I knew what was expected of me
and I leaned forward and began to lick his balls just like John
had taught me. While I was licking his balls, and then sucking
his cock, his sons were on either side of me playing with my tits
and my ass and my pussy.

After I had sucked him for a few minutes Daryl stepped back and
ordered me to turn around and bend over. He dropped down behind
me and started fucking me brutally from behind. After a minute or
two he started slapping my ass, and I don't mean love taps. It
hurt like hell and he started yelling at me to show a little
enthusiasm. I didn't know what he wanted from me and he just kept
beating me harder and harder until he gripped the cheeks of my
ass so hard with his fingers that I screamed and I felt him
cumming in my brutalized pussy.

As soon as he pulled out I turned around and sucked him clean,
but the entire time I was sobbing loudly. My ass and my pussy
both felt like they were on fire. After I had licked and sucked
him clean he stood up and his two boys turned me over on my back
and the oldest jumped on me roughly and started raping me just
like his father had. But instead of beating my ass he grabbed a
handful of my hair and pulled it roughly.

Meanwhile he lay there, resting most of his weight on me, and
quietly talked to me. "Come on cunt, don't just lay there. Let's
see a little life. Lift that sweet ass of yours off the floor.
Come on, I want to feel you fucking me back. That's a girl. Move
that cunt up and down my dick. Show me how much you want my hot
cum in that worthless cunt. That's a good girl. Now open your
fucking mouth."

As soon as I opened my mouth he bent down and spit. Right in my
mouth! I had never even heard of such a thing and I shut my mouth
and turned my head. But he wasn't having any of that. He pulled
my hair so hard I thought he was going to pull it out of my
scalp. "I didn't say you could fucking move, cunt! Open your
fucking mouth, god damn it!"

I still had the last gob of his spit in my mouth. I didn't know
what to do with it. But I turned my head back around and opened
my mouth and he spit again. Then he said, "Swallow it cunt. You
don't want to hurt my feelings do you?"

I swallowed, gagging at the idea of what I was being forced to
do. Then I managed to sob out, "Why? Why are you doing this to

"Because you are just a worthless cunt, and you need to learn
that," he responded. "And because it turns me the fuck on.
Spitting in your mouth and seeing how bad it messes with your
mind is almost as much fun as fucking your smelly cunt. Now open
your fucking mouth."

I opened my mouth and waited but he said, "Open your eyes, too,
cunt. I want to look in your eyes when I spit in your mouth."

I opened my eyes and our gaze met. I watched that arrogant young
asshole as he took so much obvious pleasure in spitting on me, in
my mouth, as he fucked me brutally. He did it over and over until
he shot my pussy full of yet another load of cum. Then he stood
up and waited for me to realize that he was waiting for me to sit
up and clean him.

I remembered just in time. He was getting ready to kick me when I
finally sat up and took his cock into my mouth and cleaned him
while he stared down in amusement.

When he was clean he grabbed my hair and pulled me to my feet and
then he forced me to squat in front of everyone and use my
fingers to scoop up the cum that was dripping out of me and they
all laughed as I was forced to put it in my mouth and swallow

They were all watching and making gross comments about me as I
performed. When I was done scraping up the loads of cum that were
draining out of me and eating it he turned to John and asked,
"You make her do it with the dogs yet? I bet those dogs are going
to tear her shit up!"

Jed responded, "Nope, not yet. She just got here and there's been
one or the other of us on her just about since she got here.
Don't worry. We'll make sure you are around when we do. We
wouldn't want you to miss the show."

I looked over at John in horror. I was praying that they were
joking, just trying to terrify me. If that was their goal it was

The oldest McKay boy, whose name I later learned was Leonard,
everyone called him Leo, finally left me alone and his younger
brother, Kyle, pushed me back down on the floor on my back. He
dropped on top of me like a sack of dead weight and knocked the
breath right out of me. As I struggled to breathe he stabbed at
me with his hard cock and after several attempts he found the
entrance to my body and his cock shot into me in one vicious

He fucked just like his older brother, except he wasn't spitting
at me. He just stabbed at my pussy with short, brutal strokes,
almost like he was trying to hurt me on purpose. I grunted and
moaned in pain with each stroke, but thankfully he was very
excited and he didn't last long.

He came inside me and then he rested on top of me for a minute or
two before he finally got up and I struggled to sit up and clean
him. The two McKay boys were about the same ages as Jed and
Becky, sixteen and fifteen. But they were both large and
muscular, and I had every reason to believe that they had a very
mean streak in them. They had both hurt me, just for the fun of
hurting me. They were pretty scary. No, they were very scary.

I finished cleaning Leo and sat there on the floor with my head
down and cried quietly. The adults were talking among themselves
and so were most of the kids.

The McKay daughter, Hazel, who appeared to be about thirteen came
over and squatted down in front of me. She watched me cry as if I
were doing it for her amusement. Finally she said, "If that
little bit of fucking makes you cry like this, you're going to
have a hard time here girl. These boys like to fuck all the time,
and they like it rough. And when they ain't fucking, they like
finding other shit to do with you. You better toughen up or you
ain't going to make it." She paused then for a moment and asked,
"You any good at eating pussy?"

I looked at her through my tears and I couldn't even imagine how
these children must have been raised. There must never be any
cops coming around here, they would all be in jail. It occurred
to me that the government probably didn't even know that they
existed. The kids weren't in school, they didn't get any
utilities, and their houses were hidden deep in the woods and
protected by a pack of vicious dogs.

"I finally answered quietly, "I don't know. I never did it before
last night."

I saw her look around and see that everyone was preoccupied and
she turned back to me and pushed me back down on the floor. She
moved over my head and lifted her dress up to her waist and sat
right down on my face. I stuck out my tongue and started licking
her pussy listlessly. I didn't refuse, but the very idea of
licking a pussy was disgusting to me. But then, so was everything
else that had happened to me since I got here.

She watched me for a moment and then she reached under her ass
and grabbed one of my nipples and started squeezing so hard I
almost screamed into her pussy.

She looked down at me and said, "If you can't do any better than
that, I'll have to find something else amusing to do with your
mouth, bitch."

I looked up at her in astonishment. She is a fucking thirteen
year old. What is wrong with these fucking people?! I started to
try to please her with my tongue then. I thought about the things
that I liked when I was getting eaten out and I tried to do them
to her.

She started feeling good and she stepped off of me and lay down
and ordered me to finish her off. I got up on my knees and
crawled between her legs and ate her out as well as I could.

She eventually had an orgasm and then she pushed me away. She sat
up and looked up to see that everyone was watching us. She
grinned and said, "She needs a lot of work. She sure is one lazy
cunt. But I bet the guys are going to have fun training her."

She stood up then and John said, "Okay, that's enough fun and
games for now. You kids get up to the table and pay attention.
When it comes to anything else, the cunt has to do what you say,
but when it comes to learning, you kids got to do what she says.
She is going to teach you all how to read and write and do your
numbers." Then he turned to me and asked, "Ain't you cunt?"

I nodded and said, "Yes sir." What else could I do?

"Well get the fuck up and get to work, damn it!" he exclaimed.

I stood up and walked over to the large kitchen table and I was
at a loss. I had never had any desire to be a teacher and I
didn't have a clue where to start. I looked at the kids and said,
"You are going to need pencils and paper to work on."

Becky stood up and went to a drawer and pulled out some blank
paper and a handful of pencils and passed them out. I stood at
the head of the table then and started teaching these kids, half
of whom were old enough to be in or starting high school, their

The adults watched for a while, then the men went out and started
doing whatever men do on farms and Mrs. McKay talked quietly with
John's wife for a while. Finally she left and John's wife, whose
name I finally learned was Liz, got up and started gathering
clothes to do laundry.

We got a break at lunch; or rather the kids got a break. Liz came
back into the kitchen and showed me how to make lunch on their
wood stove. I was not that much of a cook on a modern range,
cooking on a wood stove was an art form in itself. She explained
the basics and I struggled to prepare lunch for seven. I had
never fed more than two people at any one time. Hell, most of my
meals were fast food, or delivery from the nearest pizza place or
Chinese restaurant with delivery. I had never really learned how
to cook.

So of course I screwed up the meal pretty badly. They ended up
giving everything I had tried to cook to the dogs and then Liz
came back and showed me again how to cook their lunch.

As I worked, now under her close supervision, the room was
completely silent. I looked over at the table and saw the
children sitting there quietly, but when I saw the expression on
John's face I knew that I had fucked up big time. He was furious.
But he just watched in silence as I prepared a second meal and
then served them and stood back against the wall and watched them

He finished his lunch and stood up and said, "You wasted a hell
of a lot of food you stupid cunt, and a lot of my time."

Then he shook his head and went back outside and went to work. I
saw the kids all breathe a sigh of relief when he left. I started
to clean the table off. There weren't even any scraps for me this
time. As I reached around and picked up Becky's plate she said,
"I ain't never seen him so pissed he couldn't even swear. I
wouldn't want to be you tonight."

I cleaned off the table and using the hot water on the stove I
did the dishes. I was so scared right now that I wasn't even
upset about missing another meal. I was shaking so bad that I
almost dropped a plate twice. Liz was watching me closely and
said, "You are in enough trouble right now. You had best not
break one of those plates."

I was so scared now that I was having trouble breathing.

I finally managed to get the dishes washed and I went back to
teaching the kids how to read. Not one of them had already known
the alphabet. I didn't ask, but I had the impression that they
had never seen a book or a magazine in their entire life.

I wrote out the alphabet as neatly as I could on two blank sheets
of paper and gave the kids on each side of the table one of them.
Then I led them through the ABCs and as they said each letter
aloud I showed them what it looked like.

This went on all afternoon, lots and lots of repetition. Then I
left them to work on that when Liz came and got me and instructed
me on making supper. But this time she supervised me closely and
when John came in from working the farm I was in the process of
putting the food on the table.

I stood back against the wall again and watched the family eat. I
had eaten only the table scraps from breakfast since I had been
kidnapped yesterday afternoon and I was starved. But feeding me
was apparently not high on their list of priorities.

I was ignored except when I was sent to fetch someone a drink of
water or to bring a serving platter from one end of the table to
the other. Whenever I got close enough to one of the boys I was
usually groped rudely, but I learned to ignore that and obey.

I was still terrified about the mess I had made at lunch time. It
had been made abundantly clear that I would be punished this
evening and I was so nervous that I was feeling sick.

When they had all eaten their fill there was almost no food left.
Jed gathered the few scraps that were left and piled them on one
plate and just as I thought I was going to be fed he turned and
took the plate outside and set it down for the dogs.

They made quick work of it, snarling and snapping at each other
as they struggled for a few scraps. Then he brought the plate
back in and set it on the table. I started picking up the plates
and everyone ignored me as I did the dishes again. I was starting
to get faint from hunger, but I was too afraid to speak to John.

I washed the dishes in silence and then John sent Caleb to the
McKay's house across the way and told him to invite them over for

I started crying again. It wasn't fair. I didn't know how to
cook. If he wanted a cook he should have kidnapped a fucking
cook! And even if I could cook, who the hell cooks on a wood
stove in this century?!

It was fifteen minutes before the McKay family showed up. John
was sitting out on the porch when they arrived. Liz and I were
alone in the house and we stood in the kitchen, Liz supervising
everything that I did.

She seemed awful tense, but I didn't know why. She hadn't seemed
to be very sympathetic to my plight since I arrived. In fact, she
had seemed to be just as amused by my suffering as everyone else.
I was about to find out why.

John called out from the porch, "Elizabeth! You and cunt get your
asses out here."

Liz closed her eyes and took a deep breath, stealing herself for
what was to come. Then she walked out, with me following close
behind. Both families had gathered and were sitting on the porch
now, except for Jed and Jeremy who were just coming back from the
barn carrying a bench between them.

John looked at Liz and said, "Do you know why I am going to
punish you?"

Liz was looking down at her feet when she quietly answered, "Yes
sir. I didn't keep a close enough eye on that stupid cunt and she
ruined an entire meal."

John nodded and said, "Get ready."

Liz walked down the steps and over to the bench. As she walked
she was unbuttoning her dress and when she got to the bench she
took it off and handed it to Jeremy.

Jed looked at John and I watched as he held up his hand with his
thumb pointing down. Liz lay down on the bench on her stomach and
Jed fastened her arms and her legs to the legs of the bench with
straps that were already affixed to the bench.

Then the boys both went over and leaned on the nearby fence.

John got up and walked over to where Liz was strapped down and
when he was beside the bench he pulled his thick leather belt
from around his waist. He wrapped the buckle end around his hand
a couple of times and then he drew back and whipped Liz on the
ass with all of his might.

She screamed in agony and then gulped loudly and waited for the
next blow. I plugged my ears and turned around but Becky noticed
what I was doing and she slapped my face and said, "You fucking
bitch. This is your fault. You better fucking watch. And put your
fucking hands down!"

I turned back around and watched as the second blow landed on her
back and she screamed again. John paused between each blow,
drawing out the torture, making her suffer nearly as much from
the anticipation as from the actual whipping. He struck her over
and over, in a different place each time. The blows rained down
on her back, her shoulders, her butt and her legs. Her entire
back was bright red and covered in welts when he finally stopped.

He left her there for a few minutes and then he nodded to Jed.
Jed stepped forward and removed the straps holding is mother
down. He seemed totally unmoved by his mother's pain. More than
that, I noticed that he had a hardon! He had gotten turned on
watching his mother being whipped!

Jed and Jeremy helped their mother up and she turned to John and
through her tears I heard her apologize. Then she was guided back
to the porch by Jeremy.

John called out again, "Cunt! Get your lazy ass over here!"

My legs turned to rubber and I was sure that I couldn't walk. I
groaned, I tried to plead, but no sound came out. Becky was
standing beside me and she whispered, "Go ahead you stupid cunt.
Make him wait. That won't bother him at all."

I took a deep breath and started to walk towards him. I nearly
fell as I made my way down the steps. I don't believe I had been
this scared when he had first kidnapped me.

I finally stood beside the bench and just as I was about to lay
down on it I saw Jed look at John and he held his hand out again,
with his thumb up this time. Now I found out the significance of
this. I was forced down on the bench on my back. The most
sensitive areas of my body were all facing up now.

I tried to plead with him. I tried to explain that I didn't know
how to cook. I begged him to forgive me. He didn't even look at

When my arms and legs were secured, Jed stood back and leaned
against the fence again. But I wasn't watching him. I had my eyes
locked on John. He still looked furious.

"Do you know why you are being punished?" he asked.

"No!" I said, as loudly as I could. "I never said I could cook. I
never saw a wood burning stove before in my life! It isn't

He looked at me and said quietly, "There is no excuse for ruining
food. We work hard up here to put food on the table. It is a
constant struggle. When you saw that you were in trouble you
should have asked for help. It isn't entirely your fault. Liz
should have been watching you closer. But there is no excuse for
what you did and you need to learn that the lessons up here are

He took a step back then and then he drew back and slammed his
belt down on my stomach with all of his might. I screamed at the
top of my lungs and then sobbed loudly, nearly hysterical after
only one blow. But it was bout to get a lot worse.

The next blow slammed into my breasts and I passed out. I woke up
a moment later when Jeremy threw water in my face. As soon as I
was awake I began begging him to please stop.

He answered with another blow to my tender breasts. I screamed
until my throat was raw. The blows rained down on my chest, my
breasts, my stomach, my thighs and finally my pubic area. I don't
know how many there were. More than he had given Liz. By the time
he finished I couldn't scream anymore. My throat was so raw I
couldn't even plead with him any longer.

But finally it was over. I waited for someone to untie me and let
me up. But my anguish had just begun. Becky brought me over a
drink of water. I gulped it down eagerly, then she backed away
and the boys lined up and they all took turns fucking me.

When all five boys had finished fucking me the bench was lowered
a couple of inches and everyone but Caleb went back up on the
porch. Caleb walked over to the dog pens and let them out.

The dogs flew out of their pens and headed for me as fast as they
could run. They sniffed around and smelled the five loads of cum
running down my legs and they got all excited. They started
licking at my pussy and my thighs and snapping at each other,
fighting with each other to get at me. I was sure that I was
going to get bitten, torn limb from limb. But that isn't what I
should have been worried about.

Soon the dominant male won out and began licking my pussy. The
others circled around excitedly, some of them darting in to lick
my face which had traces of sperm on it from when I had to clean
the boy's cocks after they fucked me.

I suddenly realized what was going to happen and I screamed at
them to get away. They ignored me and I saw that they all had
hardons now. I had probably seen a dog with a hardon before in my
life. I don't remember it. I wouldn't have paid much attention to
it. I was paying attention now. They were huge. Longer and fatter
than I would ever have imagined.

I tried begging again. I promised them anything if they would
save me from this pack of dogs that was about to rape me. But it
was obvious that they were enjoying the show much too much to
interfere. I finally gave up and lay back and sobbed quietly as
the first of the large hounds moved up over me and began stabbing
with his cock, trying to locate my slit.

I tried twisting away, but I could only escape him for so long.
Eventually he made a thrusting motion and his cock slammed into
me a good four or five inches. I screamed again, and then lay
still as he worked up a little higher over me and began to drive
is cock in and out of me at an incredible rate of speed. It was
horrible, more horrible than you could ever imagine. I opened my
eyes and looked up and saw him over me, his face right over mine,
his tongue lolling out and saliva dripping down on my face.

I turned my face and closed my eyes and sobbed uncontrollably as
that large animal drove his cock in and out of me. As he fucked
me I felt liquid oozing out of my vagina around his thrusting
cock. I thought he was cumming at first, but he just kept
thrusting and thrusting and after some amount of time, I have no
idea how long, I felt something battering at the lips of my pussy
and suddenly something the size of a baseball forced its way into
me and I screamed again. The pain almost caused me to pass out
again. If only it would!

Once that huge knot was buried in me the dog laid still and
quivered for the longest time. Every once in a while he would
lean down and lap my face, but mostly he just rested on my
tortured stomach and shivered as he expelled his nasty fluid into
my body. I felt it fill me up, I felt myself expanding to
accommodate his nasty dog cum. I could tell the difference, it
wasn't just a much greater volume, it was also much warmer. I
could actually feel the difference in temperature!

After a very long time he tried to pull free but his cock was
still hung up inside of me. I screamed in pain and he growled
right in my face. It took him several painful attempts over the
next ten minutes or so to pull free. I was so relieved. I had
been concentrating so much on what was happening to me that I
almost forgot about the other three dogs!

But they hadn't forgotten. As soon as the first dog walked away
and began to clean himself with his tongue the struggle began
again between the remaining three dogs. I screamed at the people
on the porch. I begged to be let free. I pleaded for mercy. I
should have saved my breath.

Another dog had come out on top and he moved over me to take his
turn. As he moved up over me I felt a hot stream of liquid
spraying on my legs and I thought, "Great, he's cumming already!"
But he wasn't cumming, he was spraying lubricant. I felt the warm
spray as if he were pissing on my legs, working up my thighs and
then spraying over my crotch and onto my stomach. I felt him
hunching his hindquarters against me. I felt his cock find its
mark and drive into me violently. And it started all over again.
I was so miserable already. I hadn't eaten and I was getting weak
from hunger. My entire front was red and covered in welts from
the whipping with that thick leather belt. And now my pussy was
sore and stretched from being raped by five teenagers and a dog.

I didn't think I could take any more. But I did. One after the
other all three of the remaining dogs took their turns on me. I
was in agony beyond belief when it was finally over. The last of
the dogs had finally finished fucking me and I was waiting now
for someone to come and let me up.

I waited and waited and finally I lifted my head and looked up on
the porch and I saw that the females were all going around
sucking off all of the males on the porch. Even little Sarah had
a cock in her mouth.

It was getting dark when they finally finished servicing the
males. But still I wasn't released. The McKays finally walked off
in the direction of their house and John and his family went
inside, leaving me strapped down outside!

After a few minutes Becky came back out and held a glass of water
up to my mouth. I gulped it down greedily and when it was empty
she stood up and said, "You're lucky they didn't make you suck
the dogs off. If you fuck up again that's what will happen to

Then she started to walk away. I called out to her, "Please,
please don't leave me here like this. It wasn't my fault. Nobody
ever taught me how to cook."

Becky came back over and looked down at me. She stared at me for
a few minutes. I could tell from the look on her face that she
thought that I was dumber than a red brick and that she had not
the slightest bit of sympathy for me. She shook her head and
said, "You stupid cunt, you got my mom whipped, bad. You are
spending the night out here. Just be glad the dogs are out here,
because if they weren't there are things in them woods that would
love to find you tied up like this. And they wouldn't want to
fuck you, they'd fuck you up. They'd eat a hell of a lot more
than your pussy, bitch."

Then she walked away. I watched her walk back into the house and
I started crying so hard that I could hardly breathe. I finally
got the crying under control after a while, after I had exhausted
myself and I was too tired to cry any more. I thought about how
fucked up my life had become. I had been fired for stealing, and
for refusing the advances of my boss. And instead of fucking my
boss I had been raped by two entire families and a pack of dogs.
And that was in just a day and a half! God knows what else was
going to happen to me.

I soon became aware of two things that were going to happen to
me. As it got late it started to get cool and I was shivering
uncontrollably. Then I had to pee, and all I could do was let it
go, and piss all over my own legs. Actually, the piss felt kind
of nice at first. It was nice and warm. But then it started
getting colder and it made things worse. Then the dogs started
nosing around again. One of them sniffed at my piss covered legs
and the next thing I knew he was lifting his leg and pissing on
me too!

I yelled at him, but he ignored me. One of the others came
sniffing around again and I looked up and saw that it was the
alpha male. He was the dog that had raped me first during the
first round of rapes. He sniffed at me and smelled my urine and
the urine from the dog and he lifted his leg and he pissed on me.
But then he turned around and sniffed again and the next thing I
knew he was climbing back on top of me and in a minute, after a
few false starts, he was lying on my stomach and fucking me

I was beyond crying now. I just turned my head and closed my eyes
and waited for it to end. It went on and on until I felt that
huge lump forced into my pussy again and then he lay on top of me
and shivered as my pussy filled up with cum again. Actually, once
he stopped thrusting, the baseball sized knot in my pussy hurt,
but it was kind of nice having the dog on top of me. The body
heat felt pretty good.

I was going to get a lot more of that body heat. He had attracted
the attention of the other dogs and the whole thing started all
over again. One after the other they all raped me again. And with
each one I had that moment of comfort as they lay on me filling
me with cum and sharing their body heat with me. But when they
had all had their turns and went away to get some sleep I felt
that river of cum on my legs getting cold and I shivered in the
dark and prayed for the sun to come up and warm me.

The dogs each had one more turn at me that night, but there was
one more nasty surprise in store for me before the new day
started. That nasty, cruel little McKay boy, Leo, the one who got
his jollies spitting in my mouth had another surprise for me.

I heard footsteps approaching just before dawn and I thought that
I was about to be set free. But the noise was coming from up the
hill, not from the house. I looked around and saw that it was Leo
and I was instantly afraid. Something was not right about that
kid. He stood out even in this crowd of crazy people. He
approached me and walked around, looking at what a mess I was. He
was smiling, or rather he was leering at me and I knew that he
had something awful in mind.

He moved closer and reached out and took one of my nipples
between his thumb and his finger and he said, "If you make a
noise I will fuck you up bitch."

Then he started to squeeze and pull and I thought he was going to
pop my nipple like a pimple! I bit my tongue to keep from
screaming and I gasped in pain. My head tossed back and forth and
my whole body was lifting up off of that bench like I was being
shocked with 220 volts.

He watched my reaction, that odd smile never leaving his face.
Then he stopped squeezing and said, "Hurts, don't it?"

I nodded. I was sobbing quietly, afraid to make a sound.

He asked, "Want me to do it again?"

I shook my head violently and whispered, "No, please god no. I'll
do anything you want if you stop that."

"Anything?" he asked.

I knew he had something awful in mind, but I couldn't take that
pain again. I nodded and he moved closer. He looked down at me
and he ordered me to open my mouth. I hesitated but he applied
pressure to my nipple again and I opened my mouth instantly.

He leaned down and spit in my mouth again, just like he had
earlier. I just lay there, unable to move, and held my mouth open
while he spit in it several more times. I have not idea what was
going through his warped mind, I can't imagine that doing that
would excite him. But I was about to find out that he was just
getting warmed up; he had something much worse in mind.

He straightened out and moved closer to my head and put his semi
hard cock in my mouth and started fucking my face. He had a
pretty good sized cock for a sixteen year old and it was pretty
painful. Besides, my throat was still soar from all of the
screaming yesterday. But I couldn't have fought him even if I had
been so inclined. I lay there unresisting until he stiffened up
and buried his cock in my throat and shot another load of cum
down my gullet.

He stayed buried in my throat after he had cum. His cock started
to go soft and I was just waiting for it to be over. I was
grateful that his cock was not so large that I couldn't breathe
with it in my throat. But suddenly I felt something else.
Suddenly there was a large volume of hot liquid pouring down my

I heard that maniac giggle and I realized that he was pissing
right down my throat. I didn't taste it, I just felt it. But
still I couldn't help gagging. In response he started pinching my
nipple again and he warned me that I had better not lose it. So I
forced myself to calm down and stop gagging as this horrible
animal pissed down my throat. I felt my stomach expanding as it
filled with his urine. But he kept distracting me by pinching and
pulling on my nipples and giggling like an idiot.

He finally stopped pissing, but left his cock in my mouth for a
while longer. He finally pulled out and bent down and said, "I'm
going to check around this area when I come back here later for
my schooling. I better not see any sign of you losing that hot
breakfast I just fed you. Trust me cunt, you don't want to piss
me off."

Then he said, "See you in school teach," and walked back up the
hill to his house in the dark.

For about the next half hour I fought the urge to throw up. I was
terrified of that crazy kid!

I lifted my head and saw a light on in the house finally. In a
few minutes Jed came out and removed the straps and helped me up.
Then he took me over to the trough by the pump and started using
a bucket to throw cold water on me to rinse me off. I gasped at
every bucketful of cold water that hit me, but I was glad to be
rid of the river of dog cum dripping down my legs. He finally
shook his head and said, "God you are a fucking mess. Here, use
this rag and wipe yourself off. You really stink."

As he walked back towards the house I asked, "Can I use the
outhouse when I'm done, please?"

He nodded and I hurriedly scrubbed my pussy and my legs and my
stomach and then I ran to the outhouse and held my breath and
puked down the hole, spewing all of that freak's hot piss down
the hole. Then I used the damp, dirty rag to wipe my face. While
I was there I went ahead and went to the bathroom and then I
hurried into the house, shivering so hard that my teeth were

When I got inside I went to the kitchen. The kids were sitting on
their beds naked, or in the process of getting dressed. I went to
the kitchen and Liz was there starting breakfast. I went up to
her and said quietly, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry you got a beating.
But I never learned to cook."

She looked at me and at first I could see that she was still
pissed at me, but then her look softened and she nodded and she
started to tell me what to do. I spent the next hour fetching
wood and setting the table and learning how to cook breakfast on
a wood stove. The boys and John were out in the barn, feeding
animals and doing chores. Becky and Sarah were in the kitchen
watching me.

When Liz stepped out of the room for a moment Becky asked
quietly, "Did Leo come down and feed you breakfast?"

I didn't have to answer, she saw it in my eyes and she smiled.

Just as it had yesterday, the smell was driving me crazy, but I
didn't have very much hope of getting any food after yesterday.
But as they were all sitting down to eat Liz said, "John, we need
to feed this stupid bitch or she is going to get sick on us. She
won't do us much good dead."

John looked around and he seemed to be back to normal. Normal for
him was not all that great, but it beats his furious all to hell.
He stared at me for a minute and then he nodded and Liz gave me a
plate and pulled a seat up to the table beside her and I ate like
a human being.

The kids seemed to think it was strange that she would look out
for me after I had earned her a beating, but they didn't say

After breakfast I cleaned up and did the dishes. It wasn't until
the other kids showed up for our class that I was reminded that I
was naked. And that I was the only one that was naked. As soon as
Leo came in and walked up to me he jammed his hand up into my
crotch and squeezed my pussy and asked me if I had enjoyed my

I shivered at his touch, but before I could decide what to answer
John came over and said, "Leo, sit down and listen up for a
while. You ain't half as smart as you think you are."

Leo said, "Yes sir." But as soon as John walked away he gave me a
dirty look. I don't know why the hell he was blaming me!

I went back over the alphabet again and I was surprised at how
well they did. I found out that they had each made their own copy
of it and studied it last night while I was outside fucking

Once they were able to tell me what the letters were we started
doing simple one, two and three letter words, sounding them out
and writing them down so that they would remember them.

In the afternoon, after I made lunch with Liz's close
supervision, I gave them a choice, more words or start on the
math. They were getting tired of what we had been doing so we
switched to math. The first afternoon it was just learning the
numbers. They had never seen them written down. I sometimes felt
like I had been dropped in on an aboriginal tribe in some
forgotten rain forest. I kind of felt sorry for them. They
weren't dumb. Most of them seemed pretty bright, and they really
wanted to learn. Well, Leo was the exception, of course. He
didn't want to be here and he was a real pain in the ass. The
other kids were always giving him dirty looks and shushing him.

We worked hard at it all afternoon until Liz said, "Girls, time
to make supper."

We picked up our papers and pencils and cleared the table. But
before they left, Leo bent me over the kitchen table and fucked
me from behind. After what I had already been through I shouldn't
have been embarrassed, but I was.

When he was done I cleaned him and then I went into the kitchen.
As I walked over to Liz she said, "There is something not quite
right about that boy. Someday somebody is going to have to deal
with him." Then she handed me a rag and I wiped myself up. I
washed my hands and Liz gave me my next cooking lesson. I was
getting the hang of the wood stove now. But cooking was still a
mystery to me. Liz was a good teacher though.

Liz was never going to be confused with a gourmet chef, but she
was a good cook and everything she made was delicious. And she
was a good teacher. I had a lot of years of fast food to make up
for, but I was learning.

After we ate and I cleaned up I went into the living room and saw
Sarah working on her lesson under the kerosene lantern. Everyone
else was out on the porch. I sat down beside her and asked if she
wanted some help and she smiled at me and said, "Yes please. This
is all so hard."

I hugged her without thinking and I saw her smile, so I left my
arm around her and we spent the next half hour working on simple
addition. She had learned the numbers and grasped the concept of
addition before any of the older kids. I guess it must be a lot
harder when you start off learning so late in life.

I looked up when the screen door opened and saw Jed waiving me
outside. I told Sarah that I had to go and went outside. Jed,
Jeremy and Caleb led me off towards the barn and we went inside.
They left the large front doors open so it wouldn't be so dark
and I saw the animals for the first time. There were several
horses in the corral off to one side and a half a dozen cows in a
pasture in back of the barn. There was a pen with some pigs in it
and off to the side I heard noises and saw a hen house and a
bunch of chickens. There was a lot more to this farm than I had

But I wasn't out here to see the farm animals. The boys started
undressing and Jed pulled me into a pile of prickly hay and got
on top of me and ordered me to put his cock in my cunt. As soon
as I had lined him up he started plunging in and out of me, but
slowly at first, for a change. As he fucked me he supported
himself on his arms and he looked down at me and said, "I was so
fucking hot all night long, thinking about you out there fucking
those god damn dogs. I had to fuck Becky twice last night. But
then all day long I was thinking about fucking some of this dog
cunt of yours. How many times did those dogs fuck you last night

"Three," I answered. I was upset with him for bringing it up
again. I had managed to avoid thinking about it most of the day,
possibly because of the way the whole thing ended with Leo.

Jed started speeding up and as he picked up the pace he said, "So
you fucked a dog twelve times last night. Next time it's going to
be more exciting. The next time you fuck up pa will make you suck
them off. Do you want to know what that's like? Ask Becky. She
had to do it once. She learned her lesson." Then he turned his
head up to the hay loft and I noticed Becky sitting up there
watching. He called up to her, "Didn't you Becky?"

Even from here, in the semi dark barn, I could tell that she was
embarrassed. But she just answered quietly, "Yes Jed. I learned
my lesson."

He lowered himself onto me then and started fucking me even
faster. I was wriggling around, not because I was aroused, but
because I was getting stabbed by the hay under me. But he didn't
care why, he just liked the way I was moving around and soon he
was cumming in my poor, over used pussy.

Before he got up though, he leaned closer and whispered in my
ear, "I saw Leo this morning. I know what he likes to do. He did
that to Becky too."

I shivered in revulsion as I thought of it again. But I didn't

Jed finally got up and Jeremy immediately took his place. At
least he didn't have anything to talk about. He started right off
fucking me fast and furious while Jed moved up and offered me his
cock to clean. Jeremy was pretty horny too, I guess, because he
came very quickly. Then he slid up over me and I sucked him

As soon as Jeremy moved it was Caleb's turn. I thought that the
evening rapes were nearly done when I heard a noise and looked up
to see Leo and Kyle coming in.

Jed and Jeremy greeted them and they all stood around watching
Caleb take his turn. When I had finally taken his sperm and
sucked him clean Jed ordered me to use my fingers to clean my

I began scooping up the three boy's cum from my pussy and my
upper thighs and licking it off of my fingers. But as soon as I
was done it started again with Leo and then Kyle.

I had been looking over Caleb's shoulder at Becky when Leo came
in and I saw her shrink up as if to hide from him. She was at
least as afraid of that little bastard as I was.

I serviced both of the McKay boys and cleaned them off and then I
sat there waiting to see if it was over. It wasn't. Jed was
talking to Leo and I couldn't here what they were saying, but I
could tell from their faces that I wasn't going to like it.

Jed and Leo came over and made me stand up and turn around and
bend over. They tied my wrists to my ankles and Leo said, "You
are such a nasty cunt. All you have done since you got here was
fuck, fucking every body and every thing. It's a wonder you
haven't been out here fucking the horses yet. I was talking to
Jed and we think you need to have that nasty cunt cleaned up a

As he was talking he was rubbing his cock up and down the crack
of my ass and then he positioned it at the entrance to my pussy
and wormed it in. He wasn't fully hard and he had a very
difficult time working it in. But finally his cock was buried in
me and I felt him just standing there. I didn't know what was
going on until I felt the hot liquid begin to flood my pussy. He
was pissing in me!

I screamed and tried to pull away but he held me tight and
slapped the hell out of my ass and I finally held still as he
pissed into my pussy. Not all at once, but in short, intense
spurts. His hot piss was filling me up and then squirting out
around his cock and running down my legs. The boys were all
gathered around watching and laughing as Leo entertained them
with another of his perverse games.

It lasted for several minutes and when he finally finished I was
a fucking mess. He reached down and untied the ropes around my
wrists and then he turned me around and forced me to suck his
cock clean. Then, the final indignity, he made me lick the piss
that had dribbled out onto his legs.

I licked his legs clean, stopping to gag every now and then, and
finally he was satisfied. It was obvious that the others were
just as disgusted as I was. But even though he was disgusted, Jed
still was getting hard again. He took me over to a horse trough
and gave me a bucket and told me to rinse off. He wanted to get a
blowjob before we went back to the house, but not until I washed
off some of the stink.

I used the cool water in the bucket and rinsed the piss and cum
off of my body. I was crying quietly, not sure if this was worse
than the other time or not. I decided that if I had to choose I
would rather he piss in my pussy than my mouth, but best of all I
just wish he would die, painfully.

When I finally went back into the barn the boys had cleaned up
the piss with a barn shovel and Leo and Kyle had gone home. I
headed back over to Jed, expecting to have to blow him again, but
he said, "It's getting late, might as well wait until we go to

Becky came down and the five of us walked back to the house. It
was dark now and John and Liz had already gone to bed. Sarah was
already in bed. We made the other two beds up and I got in bed
with Jed and quickly sucked his cock. I was exhausted. It had
been a long, hard day and I had not slept at all last night. I
was looking forward to a full night of sleep tonight, I was sure
that Jed had gotten enough sex this evening to last the night.

But as we lay there in the dark Becky asked quietly, "Jed, can I
use her for a while?"

I groaned. I had come close to falling asleep instantly. But Jed
was pushing me out of bed and I padded across the floor and as I
neared her bed Becky threw back the covers and spread her legs
and said, "Get down there and eat me out, cunt."

I dropped down between her legs and with as much energy as I
could muster I began to eat her out. I saw Sarah watching and
smiling, but when I finally had satisfied Becky I was sent back
to Jed's bed. He was already asleep and I slipped in beside him
and fell asleep on the edge of the bed.

I must have really been exhausted, because when I woke up in the
morning Jed was on top of me and fucking me like crazy. In fact,
he was almost done when I realized I was being fucked! He came
quickly and I waited for him to get up and I sucked him clean.

After he got up and got dressed I checked the chamber pot and it
was empty, one less chore for that morning. I went out and got
some fire wood and started getting breakfast ready. By the time
Liz came in I had coffee ready and bacon and sausage cooking and
I was making toast on the stove.

Sara came in with the fresh eggs and I had breakfast on the table
when the boys and John came in from the barn. I was half way
through breakfast when John said, "Seems like them dogs did you a
lot of good. You might turn out to be worth a shit after all. I
might oughta stake you out there once a week or so, just as a

Liz looked up at him and said, "John! That isn't nice. She's been
doing real good."

John smiled and said, "Just kidding Liz. I was just kidding."

I had stopped breathing when he said that and finally I exhaled
loudly. John laughed, but I saw Jed's face. He was disappointed.
He thought it was a good idea. I was starting to think that he
was just as big a freak as Leo, but without the balls to act on

Breakfast was over and Jed scraped the leftovers into a plate for
the dogs. I got up and cleaned off the table and did the dishes
and got ready for class. Leo and Kyle showed up and came in and
sat down. Liz went out to the barn and as soon as she left I was
bent over the table and Leo raped me again. It was quick though
and the others didn't follow his lead. So I went to the bag that
Liz kept rags in and wiped myself off and then I started the

Once I got them started the others seemed to do fine studying on
their own. But Leo wasn't catching on as quick, either because he
wasn't that bright, or because I had to spend most of my time
bent over his work with his hands crawling all over me like
disgusting insects giving me the creeps.

Half way through the morning he pushed me down and made me suck
him off. The others looked up and then ignored us. I managed to
get him to cum very quickly. But I noticed that he was running
out of ejaculate, each time he came less and less. Maybe I was
going to outlast the freaky little bastard after all!

Life went on like this, day after day for a long time. I have no
idea how long. Every day was the same. There was no way for me to
tell what day it was or even what month it was. The kids had
progressed to the point that they could read at a rudimentary
level. I worked with them every day and they progressed quickly.
Even Leo could read a little. And they could all add and subtract
and were learning the multiplication tables.

Then one day, right after breakfast, John went up to the barn and
came back in an old pickup truck with the back full of produce
from his and McKay's fields. He stopped in front of the house and
came and handed me one of my old dresses. I slipped it on and for
the first time in I have no idea how many months I was wearing
clothing. It felt awful! And it fit awful. I had lost a lot of
weight, and my new slender figure was fantastic. But my dresses
were now much too loose.

John didn't care though. He pulled me outside and put me in the
truck in the middle of the seat and we took off down the road
driving so slow, I could have walked faster. I guess he was
trying to keep from losing his produce which was piled pretty
high in the back.

We hadn't gotten far before Mr. McKay reached over and said you
don't need that on up here. He unbuttoned my dress and pulled the
top off, baring my breasts. Then he reached down and pulled out
his cock and I struggled to get down on my knees in the cramped
truck cab and I sucked him off quickly.

When I finished I waited for him to go soft in my mouth and then
tell me to get up. But he didn't, not for a long time. I finally
realized that the main reason for me to be down here was so that
I couldn't see where I was. The blowjob was just a pleasant

We never got to the main road, the paved road. We stayed on dirt
roads all the way and ended up at a big farmer's market out in
the middle of nowhere. We parked in the field between several
other farmers, mostly older men, and I helped John and Daryl set
up a big table and put out their produce.

I was surprised at the amount of people buying vegetables. There
were all kinds of people, city people, country people, and a lot
of people that were shopping for restaurants. After the initial
opening rush, things slowed down a little and John pulled me
aside and said, "You come with me. And you better watch what you
say if don't want to spend the night with your mouth full of dog

I nodded and walked around with him while he went from table to
table talking to other men that he knew. I wasn't paying much
attention at first. Not until I saw one of the men hand John some
cash and then John turned to me and said, "You go with him. And I
better not get any complaints."

I didn't know what was going on until the man; a nearly bald old
man in his sixties at least, grabbed my arm and pulled me off
into the woods behind the tables. He pulled me along until we
came to a small clearing and there was a nasty old mattress in
the middle of it.

You don't have to hit me with a hammer to get my attention. I got
the idea as soon as I saw the mattress. The old guy ordered me to
strip and I unbuttoned my dress and pulled it off while he pulled
his suspenders down and dropped his overalls. I watched as his
wrinkled old cock came into view and he smiled at me and said,
"Come on sweet thing. I ain't had my cock sucked in years. I hear
you're pretty good at it."

I wasn't even shocked. I realized that I was now about to become
a prostitute, but what the hell, the only difference between
fucking him and fucking all those others back at the farm was
that I was getting paid for it. Well, John was getting paid for
it. I didn't love any of them either, so what the hell difference
did it make. I smiled up at the old guy and said, "You want to
sit down and get comfortable first, sir? You'll enjoy it more."

He looked at the nasty old mattress and said, "Yeah, might as
well. Don't want to put too much strain on my heart at my age."

He sat down on the corner of the mattress and I knelt in the dirt
and began sucking his cock which got hard quickly, despite his
age. I guess he doesn't get his cock sucked by a lot of pretty,
twenty-three year old women anymore.

I did my best to give him a good blowjob. I even took him into my
throat and worked his balls with my fingers and he came very
quickly. I held his cock in my mouth while it went soft and he
started to thank me but I looked up and said, "John is going to
expect you to take a lot longer than that, want to see if we can
do it again?"

He looked at me with the strangest look in his eyes and then he
leaned back on his elbows and said, "Darling, I'd love to do it
again. I doubt if I can, but trying with you will be a pure

I took him back in my mouth and after several minutes he started
getting hard again. For some reason I will never understand, it
became a point of pride with me and I worked that old farmer's
cock for all I was worth and fifteen minutes later I got another
thin stream of watery cum as my reward.

I looked up at him and he was staring at me with a look of wonder
on his face. "Son of a bitch!" he exclaimed. "Girl, you are
something else. How long you been doing this?"

"Doing what?" I asked.

"How long you been a prostitute?" he replied.

I smiled and said, "You are my first customer."

"You're shitting me?!" he exclaimed.

I said, "No sir, this is my very first time doing it for money."

He shook his head and I stood up and helped him to his feet. He
reached into his pocket and held out a ten dollar bill. I smiled
and wrapped his hand around the bill and said, "No thanks, I
enjoyed doing it for you. I don't need money anyway."

He really couldn't believe what he was hearing. But he put his
money away and put his arm around my shoulder and walked me back
out to his fruit display.

John had been watching his stand for him and when we came up to
him he stood up and handed the farmer the money that he had made
while we were in the woods. He asked the old guy if everything
went alright and the farmer said, "Son, I tell you what, that was
the best head I have ever had in my life. And I gotta tell you,
if I was thirty years younger I'd kick your ass and take her home
with me!"

"Now Mr. French," John said with a smile, "you know damned well a
week with her would kill you."

"Yeah," the old man replied, "but I would die a happy man."

Over the next eight or nine hours I was walked around from booth
to booth and I went into the woods with so many men that I lost
count. Sometimes there were two or three men at a booth that took
me back there one at a time. There were only a couple of times I
had to go back with more than one man at once, both times with
brothers. I had been trying to keep track but I got distracted
and couldn't remember if I counted some of them or if I counted
some of them twice, but a rough estimate is that I fucked or
sucked more than forty men that day. A lot of them tried to tip
me, but I figured that I wouldn't get to keep the money anyway,
so fuck John.

I found out that John was charging each man thirty dollars, no
matter what he wanted to do back there in the woods. So a little
elementary math tells me that he made just about twelve hundred
dollars off of my ass that day.

When we got back to our stand most of the vegetables were gone
and Mr. McKay was grinning and bragging about making just over
four hundred dollars. Apparently that was almost a record for

I noticed that John didn't mention how much he had made selling
my ass.

By the time the market closed up we only had a couple of baskets
of vegetables left. They put the table back in the truck and the
empty baskets were piled to one side. Mr. McKay got in the back
with me and shortly after we left the field I was on my back,
naked, with Mr. McKay fucking me hard. His share of the money
must have really got him excited. He fucked me all the way down
the main dirt road we traveled. I was pretty sure that the people
in the truck behind us could see his ass pumping up and down, but
they had probably fucked me too, so I don't guess it mattered to

When we got to our turn off the rest of the traffic kept going.
We were the only vehicle that turned off on this narrow dirt
road. John stopped after we had gone a few yards down the road
and he traded places with Mr. McKay.

He got undressed and got on top of me and said, "Put it in cunt,
let's see if all that fucking has ruined your worthless ass."

He pounded into me, even more brutally than normal, and after a
few strokes he said, "Not bad, I can't even tell the fucking
difference. That's still some fine cunt you got there." Then he
rested his weight on me and began to fuck me like he owned me. Oh
wait, he does.

He came eventually, I had been numb for a long time now so it
didn't matter to me how long he took. I was uncomfortable with
his weight on top of me, but it was cool when he was off of me,
so I was just laying there and faking it for him until he came.

He rolled off of me and I got down and sucked him clean. I had
swallowed an awful lot of cum today. Aside from all the blowjobs
for guys that weren't getting head from their wives, I had to
keep scooping up cum from my pussy and eating it. I didn't have a
rag to wipe myself off with after all those men fucked me. I must
have swallowed close to a quart of cum today. There had been so
much of it that after a while I didn't even pay any attention to
the way it tasted anymore, or how gross it was to scoop it up and
swallow it. It was just all in a days work.

I waited for John to tell me that I could get up after I cleaned
his cock for him, but he never did. The whole rest of the trip I
had his cock in my mouth and therefore I had my face in his lap
and didn't have any idea where I was.

The funny thing is, after the first week or two on the farm, I
had stopped even thinking of trying to get away. After all of
these months, if he had left me at the farmer's market I probably
would have tried to find my way back to the farm! That was my
home now. Hell, if it weren't for that freaky Leo it wouldn't be
a bad life.

We got back pretty late and John and Daryl said goodnight and
Daryl went up the hill to his house. John took my dress and we
went inside. I carried the two baskets that hadn't sold and put
them in the kitchen.

Most of the family was in bed, but Liz was waiting at the kitchen
table and when she saw me, and saw that I looked fairly normal,
she looked relieved. I guess she was aware of what John had in
mind for me today and maybe she didn't like the idea of it so

John kissed her and they talked quietly for a while. I got in bed
with Jed, who was either awake or woke up when we came in. He
pushed me down and I sucked him off quickly, then he pulled me
back up beside him and fell asleep with one arm and one leg over
me as usual.

After the day at the farmer's market we slipped back into our
normal routine. I became a pretty good cook after a while, and I
guess that I was a pretty good teacher too. The kids all
progressed quickly and they were all reading my small book
collection by the time spring came. It was amusing when we got
around to geography and world politics. These were things that
the kids had never been exposed to and never thought about. They
had not even been aware that they lived in a country or that
there was more than one country in the world. They didn't know
that there was a government or what a government did. When they
found out about big cities, when they heard how many people that
there were in the world they were astonished. It was exciting
being able to tell them about the world that they were hiding
from back up here on this mountain.

My life took a sudden turn for the better when Leo caught me
coming back from the chicken coop one morning and, after he made
me suck him off, he decided to piss down my throat again. He was
half way through when his father came in looking for John. When
he realized what Leo was doing he beat him half to death. I'm not
kidding. He was laid up in bed for two weeks after that.

That put the fear of the lord into Leo. There was still something
dark and dangerous about him. He still had something wrong with
him. But he kept it under control. I still had to suck him off or
let him fuck me almost every day, but he never hurt me again, or
did any of that weird stuff.

This is my home now. I sometimes miss my parents and wish that
they knew that I was alive. I miss electricity and indoor
plumbing, especially in the winter. And while I have affection
for the people that I live with, I miss love. But the saddest
thing about my life now is Sarah. Sarah, it turns out, is a
genius. By the time she was thirteen she knew everything that I
could teach her. She is probably the most intelligent person that
I have ever met. I never excelled at upper level math, but I
still had the college text books and she breezed through them
like they were kiddy books. If there was anyone that belonged in
college it was this girl. But the odds are that she will never
leave this little valley. She will probably be mated with Kyle
McKay and never see the inside of a classroom. That makes me

The classes finally came to an end. The kids had learned all that
I could teach them. My life now is a constant routing. Every day
is the same. I do my chores around the house. I do the cooking
and most of the cleaning and the laundry. I fuck anyone and
everyone anytime they want me. Hardly a day goes by that I don't
fuck all of the boys. I fuck the adult men a couple of times a
week. I eat out the girls from time to time, not all that
regularly. I only wear a dress twice a year, when John takes me
to the farmer's market.

I wonder sometimes what will happen when John is gone. My biggest
fear now is that I will someday end up in Leo's clutches. But I
get the feeling that when he is able he is going to leave this
little valley and I have no doubt that he will either get his
freaky ass killed in town, or get thrown in jail. Either way,
life around here will be a lot safer then.


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